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Welcome to the first issue of the new, improved Equal Money Newsletter. Email us back if you have any problems reading this email, so we may improve it even more. And now, enjoy the digest of the latest news in relation to the Equal Money movement.


Presidents Under Fire

Shit is hitting the fan in many countries these days - several conflicts pertaining to the abuse of power of Presidents. In South Africa, a vote of no confidence will be debated against President Zuma. One of the accusations is that the president used taxpayers' money to fund the construction of his R200 million residence.

Neo Apartheid Era

In the past, Apartheid meant the segregation between people according to the color of their skin. Currently, many may still mistake the current inequalities in the world as being the result of an 'Apartheid' mentality - but the truth is that we are currently dealing with a whole new form of Apartheid: Neo-Apartheid.

The Hand of God Is Made of Money

Throughout our entire history, nothing has ever changed. It's the same story over and over, where only the picture and the players change, and, it's Always, Always, about making and having the most MONEY/Power. No God will ever come save us, because what is real is what is here which is US.

The Nature of the Human Will Always Surrender to Money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the thought as an image within my mind, where I see me fearing that my country is bombed and my children and grandchildren are in harms way, and within that I forgive myself for existing in and as self-interest where the level of cruelty that exists within our world goes unnoticed until I see my own family at risk thus proving to myself how the nature of the human is self-interest driven.

Payday Loans Are Like Heroin Addiction

It's not money that makes the world go round these days - it's debt. Everywhere you look, everyone is steeped in debt. No one talks about the fact that money is a made up and irrelevant "resource", because everyone wants to have lots of it. Why should we question the world we were born into? Who are we to change that which our ancestors have built and bequeathed to us?

Does Copyright Make Sense? or Just Cents?

So here we see the double standard that is at play within the current system. Where the system is supposed to be about anyone can succeed, as if it's a free-for-all, level-playing-field, where you can do what you can to make profits, but then there are rules that protect the profit making opportunities of some, while preventing others.

Electricity Is a Basic Human Right - Why then Are 1.5 Billion People Without Electricity?

Electricity is a basic utility that, in the 21st century I'm sure everyone would agree no one should have to live without - a technology that everyone should benefit equally from, don't you think? I mean really - would you or anyone you know support a policy that says "It's not a priority to provide electricity to everyone in the world, only to some people in the world"?

A Nice Place to Live in a Basic Human Right - Why Is This Not Yet Part of Our Society?

So recently a co-worker of mine came back to work after a couple weeks absence. It turns out the reason she was absent was that she was busy sorting out a little problem that came up in her personal life. The problem was that she was homeless.

You Fear Communism? Why Would That Be?

It’s interesting to see how the moment that Equality is linked to being ‘one more of the heap’ and the opposite to being special, unique, outstanding, original, genuine, one of a kind human being – which is the type of brainwashing used during the last half of the 20th Century – Equality became linked to the then ‘Devil’ that functioned through/as what was considered the opposite back then, which was Communism. The basic equation that must be read here is not along the lines of USA vs. USSR – but a Living Right that should be given to all beings by virtue of being on this Earth being Sold and Bought instead of readily given, and the example of that can be found anywhere in our current society wherein one could be close to dying in a hospital and, if you have no funds = there will be no support given to you, sorry.

Malindi Kenia - the New Italian Colony - Acuna Matata

The reasons for such Exodus are not just to save tax Money but the gain of living in a cheap country where there is cheap Human capital to be exploited, where they get to live the life of Kings that they can't afford in Italy, the life that doesn't know Laws, because even the Laws written by Money to protect the rich had to have some decency over time and forbid what was a clear infringement of Human Rights, such as Child prostitution and trafficking.

Namibia Is Onto Something

... So - what happened?

In simple terms - those who were previously poaching animals, were hired to become game guards. This provided them with the income they previously lacked, that enabled them to feed their families without the need to hunt wildlife. The project has been a huge success, partially because the ex-poachers simply have the best skills and experience in tracking wild animals - skills and experience they required to hunt the animals.

On YouTube

2012: What We've Failed to Consider About Policy and Voting

Here are some of the Policies that we collectively Vote into Being every day through our Acceptance:

2012: Presidential Debates

Sharing some Practical Considerations in regards to Presidential Debates.

Should there be debates, or should we be coming to agreement on the simple basic facts, that all humans require adequate housing, food, water, education, healthcare, and discussing how we're going to effectively get everyone access to what's needed?

Journey to Life Series - Day 170 - I Fear Having No Money - Self Forgiveness

Garbrille vlogging about her blog series; here she describes the Fear of Having No Money.
"Obviously the fear of not being able to live comfortably is inherent in everyone because money is not available for all, itís scarce."

Documentaries to Watch

The Time Is Ripe for Water Privatization

Professionals in the water industry, representing privately owned businesses and public utilities have published a survey indicating that now would be a good time to start privatizing on water - as water is getting scarce, more capitalizing can be done!

Our system knows no scruples ñ hand it water scarcity and all it sees is $$$MONEY$$$.

"Even the Rain" Movie Review

The movie is very well done, showing actual scenes of the Colombus movie they are making, and how the natives were exploited for profit -- while at the same time, the story is repeating itself in the present, where the Bolivians are fighting a struggle of exploitation against major corporations (like Suez - side branch of the World Bank, which was also mentioned in the Catastroika documentary).

The Yes Man (watch the documentary)

"The Yes Man" Movie Review

They expected people to immediately find out what they were doing and get thrown out, but instead everyone received their message very well and encouraged what they are saying. So that's pretty scary -- where simply because the WTO represents that point of 'authority' -- people will simply accept whatever they say and support it, within believing that it's the right thing to do without being critical in anyway whatsoever.

Human Resources (watch the documentary)

Human Resources - the Human As a System Slave

The mere terminology – “Human Resources” – reveals that the human is degraded to be merely the slave that keeps the system running while entertained through consumerism and made to believe that the conditioned ‘happiness’, ‘satisfaction’ or ‘success’ is real or relevant, in a world where in truth a child dies every couple of seconds from preventable causes.

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (watch the documentary)

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (Review)

It's amazing to see how we are being manipulated all the time and we accept it, because unless we actually intentionally look to cross reference the information, and look for contradicting opinion, and look for the manipulation within what is being said, we will blindly eat it up, and then believe it to be our own opinion/belief, and we will fight for it and defend it.

The Power Principle (watch the documentary)

War, It Isn't Good for Absolutely Nothing (Review)

After the USA "liberated" these countries, their economies crashed, a corrupt and authoritarian government would take over, social welfare would be abolished and the country would be privatized so that everything was for sale - but the citizens would be unable to afford anything and fell into a deeper poverty than ever known in the country.

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