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Dependable: From Unrealistic Perfection to a Perfect Beginner

For so many others, when you have so much responsibility, such a massive purpose – does dependability mean “you have to be perfect all the time?” Does dependability mean “perfection” OR…does it mean “being a SUPPORTIVE EXAMPLE?” What is the difference between “perfection” and “being a supportive example?” To me, being a supportive example is: when and as you go through processes and experiences, make mistakes – that you LEARN and SHARE and SHOW as a supportive example for others to equally LEARN FROM YOU as YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Manifesting Mannerisms

Sometimes we develop subconscious physical mannerisms that we don't realise we have until someone points it out. Often these manifestations come from not knowing how to deal with some part of ourselves or our lives, so we just push down that part, deep inside ourselves. Unfortunately, it can't just disappear - often it will come to the surface in unexpected ways, like an unusual and frequent head movement (like a tick) while speaking.

Resilience and Stubbornness

When opening up the process of living the word 'Resilience', I started noticing obstacles that prevent us from 'bouncing back' when we hit a bump in the road. Here I'm looking specifically at stubbornness..

What Really Goes on in the Classroom?

One of the teachers I work with shared a new pattern that has been developing with children in our classroom – and that is children judging and critiquing other children’s work by calling names in a negative sense, like for example a boy saying to another boy’s painting ”that is kitsy kratsy” – an expression basically meaning that work is babyish/like scribble.

Resistance To Applying Myself

I have been approaching the point of resistance in the past few weeks and there are points that I do resist that are easy to move through and do and then there are other points of resistance which are more of a struggle for me and these points are within applying myself. So there are things like dishes or cleaning which I have been resisting that are easy to apply and get done and then there are points of things such as writing down my readings and keeping track of the management of myself within diabetes.


Super Bundle: Jealousy Support

This is a bundle that consists of every product that covers the topic of Jealousy Support.

The Following Products are included:

An Emotional Relationship with Money

How did the individual in the case study develop and experience their relationship towards money as being emotional?

How can you support yourself to clear your relationship with money, regardless of how much or how little you have / earn?

How can you support yourself to step out of the problem-oriented mind set and into a creation and solution-oriented mind set?

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Physical Memories - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events - Part 38

How did the being in the case study see apparitions of beings that they interpreted as ghosts, but were actually memories in the physical?

How does the mind often translate information into shapes, symbols, movements etc?

How does the information in these forms get interpreted by your conscious mind?

Emotional Dependency Case Study - Perfecting the Human Race - Parenting - Part 65

The Natural Learning Ability of the Physical Dissected.

How did the mother and daughter in the described case study develop a mutual emotional dependency that manifested as the daughter being extremely dependent on her mother?

How did the events in the mother's life trigger certain responses and experiences within her that contributed to the creation of emotional dependency?

How did the daughter embody the desires of the mother by developing emotional dependency?

Reading Vs Watching - The Metaphysical Secrets of Imagination - Part 68

What is the difference between the effects of reading books and watching movies / TV on your development?

How does this technological lifestyle influence the development of children's minds and way of thinking?

How can you support yourself to support and investigate yourself more effectively when reading?

3 Levels of Body Weight - Demons in the Afterlife - Part 67

How did this demon experiment with merging with the mind, being and body of people?

Why did they integrate on those 3 levels?

The demon uses the example of being overweight in showing how the mind, being and body are all involved in the nature of your body?

The Consciousness of the Bunnies - Part 2

How are deep connections between human and animal similar to the connection between a mother and child?

How do these connections often manifest as emotional dependency?

How can you support yourself to develop the relationship as a practical and supportive relationship of expression and growth?

I Want to be Noticed: Create a Presence - Atlanteans - Part 395

What does the construct of wanting to be noticed look like from an interdimensional perspective?

What is the difference between emanating a presence that people are drawn to and trying to make yourself look a certain way or accessing personality systems so that people will notice you?

How can you support yourself to live in such a way that you will create a presence rather than access personality systems?

I Want to be Noticed: A Living Example - Atlanteans - Part 396

How does looking for a deeper connection from within the starting point of wanting to be noticed tend to create the opposite as shallow relationships and interactions?

How do you run yourself ragged in trying to be noticed?

How can you change your starting point to stand as an example of doing for others as you would want to be done for you as a living expression?

Responsibility in Your Memories - Reptilians - Part 494

How do you tend to not want to really look at a memory when there is some aspect within it that you do not want to take responsibility for?

How will you try to justify and distract yourself from taking responsibility in investigating the memory?

How can you support yourself to stand within your responsibility position within looking at memories?

But I'm Not Responsible - Reptilians - Part 495

How does your mind tend to justify that you are not responsible for something because other people were more involved and therefore more responsible?

How are you actually equally responsible for these things that your mind tries to justify as 'not your responsibility'?

How did Marduk see and live the understanding that when you abdicate responsibility, you are actually preventing yourself from seeing and accessing the entirety of that which you are not taking responsibility for?

I Can't Take it (Part 2) - Life Review

What did this being do to support themselves in moments where they felt overwhelmed?

How did they support themselves to change their relationship with emotional energy over time?

How did they see how change is often seen as being a long, drawn-out fight?

Desteni Live Hangouts

This week’s live hangouts:

Eqafe Hangout: Is What you See Real?

Exploring the human mind in relation to how we physically see our reality and what in fact is real and what is our own projection and interpretation. Also, we will give support and assistance on how to align with your physical reality and see more directly and wholesomely through what was shared within the interview as well as our own understanding of it. This to continue to build and support ourselves to become stewards of the earth as well as ourselves in what is best.

Joke To Cope on G-Talks

Lets us explore the topic of joking, and how we sometimes use joking as a coping mechanism, let us ask ourselves some questions to how did we come to see joking as a way of coping, what lies behind this coping mechanism. join me and Mike this Thursday and let us explore this point through simply talking.
G Talks is a special monthly edition of the DIP Hangouts with Gian Robberts from the Desteni Farm. We will look beyond the bullshit and get real with ourselves. Gian will be sharing his personal experiences and how he is moving through the bullshit (EGO) to face reality, the reality of SELF and thus the reality of what is here as a whole.

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An Emotional Relationship with Money

How did the individual in the case study develop and experience their relationship towards money as being emotional?
How can you support yourself to clear your relationship with money, regardless of how much or how little you have / earn?
How can you support yourself to step out of the problem-oriented mind set and into a creation and solution-oriented mind set?

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